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New England Holocaust Memorial

The Mission

The construction of the New England Holocaust Memorial was the result of an international art and architecture competition that drew over 1,000 entries from designers throughout the world, all interpreting the unspeakable genocide of six million Jewish people during World War II. With the donation of a parcel of land by Mayor Raymond L. Flynn and the generosity of donors across New England, memory of this horror now stands as a witness to the bigotry and hatred that erodes our humanity.


The Message

Once the design of architect Stanley Saitowitz was selected and the Memorial constructed, it was time to create inaugural events that would recognize the generous donors who had funded the five-million-dollar construction project and provide a dramatic introduction of this new cultural landmark to the City of Boston.

The Moment

A black-tie inaugural dedication was held at Boston City Hall and The Great Hall at Faneuil Hall for 1,000 major donors and community leaders the night before the public opening of the Memorial. The next morning 8,000 people attended the public ceremony with holocaust survivor Eli Wiesel giving the keynote address. Ten years later, Liz Page Associates was selected to co-produce the 10th anniversary commemorative dinner that raised $1.4 million for an endowment fund to provide maintenance and ongoing programming for the Memorial. Fifteen years after the memorial was constructed, Liz Page Associates was again selected to manage the fundraising campaign and co-produce events for the 15th anniversary commemoration, Generations Remember - Our Promise held on International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

RiverWalk Resort at Loon Mountain 

The Moment

For decades the abandoned Franconia Paper Mill sat on the banks of the Pemigewasset River at the center of idyllic Lincoln, New Hampshire. Its rusted factory floors sagging through every winter, the desolate structure was a stark reminder of a prosperous past for this small town and its once thriving lumber industry. With no purpose, the mill was a depressing structure that loomed empty and forlorn.

The Message

The success of RiverWalk at Loon Mountain is a story 10 years in the making. Business partners Dennis Ducharme and Billy Curran saw opportunity where others saw blight. For ten years these two hard-working developers negotiated to clear the land, restore it environmentally and lay the foundation for RiverWalk at Loon Mountain, one of the most ambitious developments ever undertaken in this desirable tourist location.

The Moment

The grand opening of RiverWalk at Loon Mountain was designed to showcase the ambitious project and congratulate all who had a hand in making RiverWalk become a hard-won reality. Kicking off the summer, a four-seasons themed party allowed guests to “experience extraordinary” throughout the entire landscape of the resort. Guests were even treated to a hot air balloon ride, rising high to meet the majestic red roofline of the main building. 450 investors, residents and special guests enjoyed spectacular floral displays, unique décor and delicious food and drink that celebrated the diverse seasons of summer, winter, fall and spring and brought this new home to life.

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