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Boston Preservation Alliance

The Mission

The Boston Preservation Alliance is an independent, nonprofit organization that brings people and organizations together to influence the future of Boston’s historic buildings, landscapes, and communities.


The Message

Annually, the Alliance has recognized outstanding achievements in historic preservation and compatible new construction projects that have a positive influence on the life and character of Boston. Not only does this annual event bring together architects, designers, developers, historians, politicians and community advocates but it further establishes the BPA as a trusted and respected leader in the field of historic preservation and urban environments.

The Moment

With breathtaking drone footage and expert videography, LPA produced the Alliance’s  first virtual event, the 32nd Annual Preservation Achievement Awards. Inheriting a roster of nine projects to highlight and two individual honorees, LPA designed a tightly scripted event, hosted by journalist Katie Couric, which moved quickly and kept the audience engaged. Recorded video segments were interwoven with a live trivia game that kept the audience on their toes throughout the program. After its premiere, the program was shared on YouTube and has been seen by thousands of additional viewers.

Watch the 32nd Annual Preservation Alliance Awards Here»

The Mission

The New England Innocence Project (NEIP) is an independent social justice non-profit that fights to correct and prevent wrongful convictions and combats injustice within the criminal legal system for innocent people imprisoned for a crime they did not commit in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont.

The Message

NEIP wanted the stories of wrongful convictions and the fight for freedom to be told in the authentic voices of the people who lived these experiences. After the first live Voices of the Innocent event that LPA produced, the second event was held virtually out of necessity. The same approach, to allow the authentic voices of wrongfully convicted prisoners to speak for themselves, was employed but this time with even greater intimacy because of the use of video.

The Moment

Voices of the Innocent: Power in Community was a virtual event that took full advantage of the art of videography and its ability to capture the smallest detail of a teardrop or the view of a landscape from 10,000 feet. Eight wrongfully convicted exonerees shared their thoughts and emotions about what freedom means to them, the impact of wrongful conviction and the power of community to help rebuild life after exoneration.

Watch Voices of the Innocent: Power in Community Here»

New England Innocence Project

YMCA of Greater Boston

The Mission

The YMCA of Greater Boston (the Y) is dedicated to improving the health of mind, body and spirit of individuals and families. The organization welcomes men and women, boys and girls of all incomes, faiths and cultures.


The Message

Endless gratitude was the message of the event. After a tremendous outpouring of corporate and individual financial support during the pandemic to feed families and care for children of front line workers, the Y wanted to say thank you. Their annual Spark Party became Spark! and Y members were asked to express what spark they brought into the world that could build a stronger, more loving and resilient community.

The Moment

Original poetry performed by a talented young Y member opened the program. CEO James Morton stood atop the Y building and exclaimed his gratitude to the Boston community while the Prudential Tower lit up its crown in Y colors to begin its 31 Nights of Light.  Special moments continued with a Courageous Conversation with Celtics’ Head Coach Brad Stevens and Director of Player Development Allison Feaster about the team’s commitment to the Black Lives Matter movement along with activist and singer-songwriter MILCK’s performance of her original song “If I Ruled the World.”

Watch Spark! Here»



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